Poet Laureate of E'ville

Sarah Kobrinsky, 2013-2015 Poet Laureate of Emeryville, California

Month: March, 2014

An Evening of Lunacy


Last night I participated in the annual fundraising gala for Luna Dance Institute at the Clif Bar Theater in Emeryville–An Evening of Lunacy!  Myself and Oakland poet, Jeanna, wrote on the spot verse for the guests. Whenever we completed a poem, we blew a whistle and a team of dancers would appear to interpret the work as it was read aloud. I had never written on-demand before. It certainly brought out the silly, playful side of me. Over the course of the evening, I managed to write poems about museums, buses, gardens, bearded ladies, wings, ice cream pie and, that inexhaustible subject, love. Other “lunatics” at the event included a tarot reader, a magician, a stiltwalker, a calligrapher, and a rollerskating duo.  A deliciously mad event indeed!


The Moonshining Place

Here is the piece I read for the ribbon cutting ceremony at Temescal Creek Park. It was a wonderful event, especially for the kiddos–bouncy castle, face painting, animal balloons. Parks have always been magical places for me. It’s where children get to try out their bodies, try on their imaginations, and play out their dreams. I had a lot of fun thinking about the many beloved parks from my own childhood as I wrote this.

The Moonshining Place

At the edge of the city,
at the edge of the world,
at the edge between
the earth and endless sky,
the moonshining place,

the place where we hung
our long summer legs
over the edge and fought
the urge to drop a shoe
or sneak a real first kiss,

the place where we played
and Tag, you’re it! until
we couldn’t breathe
or the sun went down,

the place where we came
on the quietest nights
to feel the moon kiss
the edge between
our skin and endless sky.

Temescal Creek Park

I am excited to announce that I will be reading at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Temescal Creek Park (corner of 47th & Adeline) this Saturday, March 15th. Festivities begin at 2pm. I have been working away on a new poem about childhood and imagination just for the occasion. Hope to see you there!