An Evening of Lunacy

by sarahkobrinsky


Last night I participated in the annual fundraising gala for Luna Dance Institute at the Clif Bar Theater in Emeryville–An Evening of Lunacy!  Myself and Oakland poet, Jeanna, wrote on the spot verse for the guests. Whenever we completed a poem, we blew a whistle and a team of dancers would appear to interpret the work as it was read aloud. I had never written on-demand before. It certainly brought out the silly, playful side of me. Over the course of the evening, I managed to write poems about museums, buses, gardens, bearded ladies, wings, ice cream pie and, that inexhaustible subject, love. Other “lunatics” at the event included a tarot reader, a magician, a stiltwalker, a calligrapher, and a rollerskating duo.  A deliciously mad event indeed!